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  • Find work in your area - hauling aggregate, dirt and other construction materials
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Benefits of Using Ruckit

  • Find More Jobs

    Ruckit is getting new customers each day and we'll continue to grow our footprint in your area. This means you'll have access to jobs that you never would have before.
  • Less Paperwork

    Once you're registered with Ruckit, we use our application to collect all the necessary details to invoice. If everything is entered correctly, you don't need to send us tickets at the end of each week.
  • Get Paid on time, every time

    Ruckit's standard pay schedule of 2 weeks will make sure you get paid on time each week. Some jobs may be eligible for FastPay. If you're interested in receiving pay very quickly, please reach out to our Ruckit Reps for assistance.

Ruckit Is Easy To Use

Ruckit Marketplace

  • Open the "Find Jobs" marketplace
  • You will see any job that you or one of your drivers can do (based on their truck type)
  • They will be organized by distance so you see the jobs closest to you first
  • You can sign up for one job at a time by tapping the "Sign Up" button.
  • You can sign up well in advance or day of but once the job is full then you will have to find another job.
  • The Job Details screen will show you everything you need to know
    • The rate information for the job
    • The loading and unloading sites
    • The number of loads expected
    • Number of trucks allowed
    • The type of material you'll be hauling

Doing A Job

  • Start by hitting "I'm en route"
    • This let's the contractor's know that you're on your way to the job site.
  • Hit "I've Arrived" when you're ready to load
    • Enter any details that the Contractor has required in order to complete your load
    • It's very easy to do and important to do so you get paid correctly.
  • Finish Loading and head to the Unloading site
  • Sometimes you have to collect a signature or another ticket image
  • Finish Unloading
  • Review how much you made on this trip
    • Ruckit keeps track of how much you've earned using Ruckit
    • What you see is what you earn!
    • Our goal is to help make everything visible to you. We are never trying to cheat the driver and we want to make sure you know this.

Getting Paid

  • Ruckit will either direct deposit your earnings or provide you a paper check.
  • Ruckit will pay most standard projects within 2 weeks
  • Some projects may be eligible for Early Pay - where you can get your earnings in one week or less!

Trip Accuracy

  • It is very important to enter all the details correctly in Ruckit.
  • If you make a mistake, you can correct it in your History.


Ruckit Trailers 

  • For qualified Motor Carriers, Ruckit will finance aluminum and steel end dump trailers
  • Register with Ruckit to apply

Ruckit Trailer

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