How it Works

Ruckit is a brand new concept in aggregate hauling in the dump truck industry.

We've built a state of the art mobile hardware platform and application that gives drivers absolute freedom and financial stability.  

Our tool provides independent drivers, real time opportunities and weekly payments for services, while eliminating the entire traditional brokerage system.

Drivers have more flexibility with their loads, haul more loads  per day, and get paid faster.


Contractors add jobs to the system


Drivers sign up to work based on their truck type and location


Ruckit collects all the data


Invoices and payments are easier

Getting Trucks With Ruckit


Step 1: Get Registered with Ruckit

Once you are registered as a contractor with Ruckit, we will provide you with a Manager Tablet/Phone.


Step 2: Create a Job

Contractors can request a bid for a project or create a job themselves. If you request a bid, we will work with our dispatchers and network of drivers to find the right price and the right drivers for you. Creating a job through the Manager app will put the job into the approval queue and one of our dispatchers will review and approve.


Step 3: Manage your Job

Once you have trucks assigned to your job, you will be able to see them through the manager app by tapping on any job. As the project goes on, you'll see how many loads you've completed, how much you've spent and who is making good turns. You can also view a live map and see where the drivers are during the course of the work.

Sign Up For Ruckit

Contractors and drivers benefit from the Ruckit experience. From improving organization of your operations, to empowering drivers to manage their businesses better, Ruckit is your strategic partner.